Creative & Design Portfolio

She does websites, graphics, voice-overs, logos, presentations, photo editing, social networking, seo, article writing, blogging, etc... You name it and she is probably a pro at it. If not she knows someone whom is!

Stacey has done websites/web applications for companies like Provident Mutual, Automated License Systems, OHL, Five Points ICT, Sugar and Spice Kids Spa, SPI, Shear Precision,  S3Shears, U Can Grow Rich Quickly, NPT Poker, and many more.

Voice talent has been utilized for flash movies, e books, learning publications, you tube videos, phone hold messages, etc...

Logos, graphics, photo editing, and banners have been created for large  companies as well as small home businesses. 

With over 16 years in the IT world and 3 years of Freelancing Stacey knows her stuff and she does not charge a killing for her work. We will let her portfolio and testimonials speak for themselves.
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