Monday, January 12, 2015

Timeouts Are They Effective?

With having older kids one would think I already have this in the bag..... Funny thing is I do not
remember everything that worked with them. Also a difference in play here is my age. I was in my twenties with the big kids and now in my forties with the Littles. Things that were important then are not as important this time around. Yes, I will go out and about with one of them in a costume. I will also take them to the store with imperfect hair. Maybe I am more geared for grandchildren and let the Littles get away with more than I should. Who really knows what the right answer is.

I do know that if I want to raise responsible, nurturing, compassionate, and positive contributors to t
he society then they do need some discipline. I feel as though timeouts  are more of a struggle for me. Rule of thumb tells me to give them one minute per year of their age. Consistency does seem to be key as in anything toddler. All four of my children respond to different methods in different ways.

The reason and thought of  time outs make sense to me....but are the effective?

Please let me know your thoughts and perhaps if you have found a solution that works better. I would love to hear them.

This Crazy Life is mine and I love it!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Don't Think the Craziness Stops In My House!

Oh no it is not just my house...It runs in the family!!  If you could see the rest of the nuts in my family you would know what i mean!

My maternal Grandmother had five children whom are all crazy as well! Those five kids have all had at least two of their own children which did not miss the gene! So there are plenty of us to go around!

My Mom is the oldest and she had my sister and of course ME! My sister can be a little more reserved and straight laced at times but in the right mood she is just as silly and crazy. I of course well you know....
Wanna know more??? Let me know  and I will showcase a family each week!

This Crazy Life is mine and I love it!