Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Send Out Cards...Really Great Idea!

This is really great idea! Check it out! -The information below was sent to me from a Send Out Cards Representative.

We have become so use to emailing everything, letters, newsletters and now even birthday cards or any other greeting card. There are tons of ways to send greeting cards online like Send Out Cards and it seems that with all the junk emails, there are a lot that are deleted before they are ever seen.

When was the last time you received a greeting card in the mail and in your email like Send Out Cards? Which one made more of an impression? If your answer is the real card that came in the mail, then you are like everyone else.

But we have become so use to just clicking on something, hitting the send button, or typing in a web address to get things done. It seems that going to the Post Office is a major project and so inconvenient. Besides, who wants to spend an hour waiting in line at the post office.

Send Out Cards is a company that will give you the opportunity to be one of the few who sends out the "real" cards, delighting every recipient of a fun, creative, personal and signed card. This is a great tool to help you get the cards sent out on time, not having to worry about missing those important dates of your family and friends.

You are able to send a printed greeting card, with your own personal message. You can choose it, write your message and click send all within 60 seconds. Send Out Cards will print it, stuff it and mail it for you. And these will all cost you less than it would be at a greeting card store.

Imagine the work saved for you at Christmas time, sending out your cards, with even a family picture if you like, with just a click. You can be a part of this system by having your own business at home.
The only purchase you will need to make is the Send Out Cards distributor kit. There is no product to be purchased, your presentation folder will be in your kit. You will have your own website which will include order and credit card processing. You will also get product samples and instructions.

There are seven ways to earn with Send Out Cards:

1. Customer Direct Sales Profits: You will have a card bank of cards where your retail customer will shop. The customer pays you directly and for the use of the system. You will have sold the customer an Annual Account Pre-Paid Greeting Card. This account is used to purchase the card and stamps.

2. Retail profits from Preferred customers (paid monthly) Purchases are credited to your account. Volume commissions are paid on the points that are sold.

3. Coaching Bonus from New Distributor accounts (paid weekly basis) A customer can purchase a Wholesale Package Plus for $298, and receive a coaching session from you. You will receive $120 bonus after coaching is completed.

4. Coaching Bonus from New Distributor accounts (paid weekly) when someone in your group purchases the Entrepreneur Pkg Plus for $398, you will provide the coaching for them and receive a $120 bonus. And if there is coaching done in your down line, you can receive a bonus from $15 to $50 per coaching session.

5. Treat em Right Seminar Bonus (paid weekly) You will receive a bonus when reps in your group attend this seminar. The bonus ranges from $5 to $30 per attendee.

6. 7-level Volume Bonus: paid on the greeting cards that are sold in your entire group (paid monthly)

7. Leadership Volume Bonus: this is paid on greeting cards sold on unlimited levels within your group. Ranges between 5% and 25% depending on ranks of leadership.

You can take advantage of this new trend and have your own business at home by working with Send Out Cards. Check it out at www.SendOutCards.com/AAA. Don’t delay do it right now.

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