Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our Lighted Milk Jug Snowman!

Yesterday we made our lighted milk jug snow man! This was  a pretty easy project except getting the lights through the jug opening.

Shown below is a picture of our finished snowman as well as the steps we took.

Materials Needed:
3 empty rinsed milk jugs
Craft Foam
Googly Eyes
Strand of Lights
Hot Glue or Spray Adhesive

1. Paint all three milk jugs with white paint. Then allow the paint to dry.
2. Cut out the bottom of two of the jugs.
3. Feed the strand of lights into the bottom jug which is the one you did not cut the bottom out of.
4. Feed the light strand up through the remaining two jugs. Leave enough at top to plug into outlet.
5. Glue the two top jugs to the bottom jug.
6. Cut the craft foam into a triangle and then roll into a cone.
7. Glue the nose on your snowman.
8. Paint eyes, mouth, and buttons. Allow paint to dry.
9. Dress your snowman with his hat and scarf.
10. Add the snowman's googly eyes.
11. Find the perfect spot and plug him in!

Nice easy and adorable project! We had fun did you?

This Crazy Life is mine and I love it!

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