Tuesday, November 27, 2012

OMG This Christmas Tree ......

is so not going to make it. I have been chasing away the two year old, the one year old, and the dog for two weeks now!

I spend all day either picking stuff up to put back on the tree or chasing one, two or all three of them away from it! I am not sure if they are in competition to see who will pull it over first or see who can  put me in the nut hut first! We purposely put the tree on the end table to cut back on some of it but not sure it helped. Our six foot tree now only has four feet of decoration!

Do you have any suggestions?

This Crazy Life is mine and I love it!


  1. No suggestions but lots of sympathy! :) Stuff like that just seems to be an automatic kid magnet.

    Thanks too for stopping by my blog and commenting. I always love to hear what my readers are thinking- I learn so much from you all!

  2. Thank you very much Lydia for the sympathy and the visit! I loved your post as I commented on your blog!


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