Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Consider My House Great Birth Control for Teens!

I mean why not let your teens hang out over here with my teens? What a scare tactic we have going on! A two year old and a one year old running around, getting into stuff, opening the door to the bedrooms, turning off the television, throwing stuff at them and much, much more!

If that doesn't sound like fun then how about when they are both so tired that they can't see straight! Both of them crying, whining, and wanting things in two separate directions. I am almost forty and it still scares  me sometimes...I can't imagine being a teenager and watching the craziness!

They get to see double diaper duty, the food that gets chucked across the kitchen, the fighting between the two, bath time, and many more entertaining episodes within their visit! They will probably also being hit with some type of projectile as well (This is my disclaimer). You just never know what will happen in this place!

So go ahead send them over! They will be shaking their heads and thinking twice about how cute little kids and babies are  by the time they leave our place! If they are not then please send them back and they can babysit lol!

This Crazy Life is mine and I love it!

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