Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Black Friday Shopping...Yay Me....Poor Dad!

My Dad and I have been going Black Friday shopping for over 10 years now. I am not sure he meant for it to be a tradition but it is now. Thinking back he probably just wanted to check out the hoopla and see what it is all about. The big kids were young when we started so I think it became more of a he came along to protect me from the other crazy woman. We had a few relaxed years where there was no absolute must haves from the toy sections.

Guess what Dad we are back into the crazy toy isles this year!

Christian is old enough to get excited about commercials so....That means yep he should get some of those items! We will be hitting all the toy sections again with all the other crazy Moms looking for the same toys and a great price.

I love this tradition because it is the one guaranteed time a year that it is just me and Dad.

We look through the ads all day on Thanksgiving and chart out our plan of action. We then get up and hit the sales about 3am.  With coffee and ads in hand out the door we go! The addition to our JC Penny's snow globe collection is always a must! The church's hot chocolate stand is another must. Everything else is just sorta based on the sales and our planned route from the day before.

So this year is going to be a fun crazy shopping experience cause with four kids spanning all the ages we will be all over the place! Like I said Yay Me and Poor Dad!

What are your Black Friday Traditions? Please share!

This Crazy Life is mine and I love it!

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