Thursday, October 11, 2012

OMG I've become that Crazy Friend!

So when I was younger and only had the big kids I had this great friend whom we all thought was crazy! Was she nuts? She had older kids and little kids. Why would you do that to yourself? She was all over the place like a mad woman. Her house was not guest ready ever. She played hard with all her kids. She was never serious. She loved life to the fullest and did not care who was watching. She was a mess sometimes- well most of the time. She was an amazing person but wow was she something.

She laughed, she cried, she yelled, she was obnoxious, and she was a great mom! She tried anything and everything! She always had a huge cup of coffee. Her house was always full of people. You never knew what she was getting into. She lived life and didn't care what anyone thought. We all thought she was crazy....

So just recently I realized that I have become that crazy friend. My life, my house, and my kid count has become just like hers. So how many of my friends and family members look at me and say: " That's Stacey. She's crazy".

I would not turn back now! I love being this girl! I love not caring what people think. I love not worrying if my house is guest ready! I love playing with the kids and having a great time. I love being a mess. I love having a coffee iv drip lol! I love having a full house. I love having big kids and little kids! I am so glad I have turned out like my crazy friend. I now know what happy is!

So if you think I am crazy-  yes I am and I love it! You should join me! I wish I had joined Cathy (the crazy friend) along time ago!Thank you Cathy!

This Crazy Life is mine and I love it!

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