Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh Hey There is Mom! Oh.....No it is not!

I was just walking along being a good kid and looked over at the store window and saw my Mom. I wasn't sure if I should say "Hi" or run. Old habits are hard to lose. I all of a sudden was that little girl that wasn't where she was supposed to be... You know how that is. I looked again and wait it's not my Mom or if it is she is wearing the same outfit as me. Wait! What is going on here? I keep looking and realize it is ME! Wow! When did that happen? 

This strange oddity also happens sometimes in voice. I will be saying something to one of the kids and all of a sudden think "Who said that?". My mom isn't visiting..We are not at Mom's. Hmm.... When did that happen?

I then realized that I (yes ME) have the most influence over my children. Is that why they are so weird? I guess so! Well sorry world  I have two daughters so there will be two more of me! Or maybe I should say sorry Honey since he has to live with us!
So...You know what they say as you get older you become your mom. Well for me that is true in two sense. Both personality and looks. We are about the same size and have about the same hair coloring (Well depends on the week lol).

Thank goodness I have an Awesome Mom whom has a heart of gold because I wouldn't want to be anyone else! So I am my Mom just with a stranger taste in everything! Love you Mom! Thank you for making me who I am!

This Crazy Life is mine and I love it!

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