Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I think I have misplaced my College kid!

So one day last week I really thought my college kid (Alicia) was missing.... I checked Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram but she had no updates. For hours there was no activity on any of the social media sites so what's a Mom to do? PANIC of course....

I mean come on no updates from her and her close friends for hours. This hasn't happened in probably ever! Creeper well heck yes! It is the best way to keep tabs without keeping tabs. I can probably tell you what she eats, who she hangs out with, what homework she is not doing, and what she is doing by simply checking out her social media pages. Why would I not creep?

I really am not sure how my parents survived. I would leave the house and be gone for hours without them knowing where I was. I can't imagine not being able to call, text, or creep on my kids. I think I would be in a constant panic attack.

So I would like to say to Alicia and her friends: Keep the updates coming! Thank you! Love ya'll!

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