Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh Hey There is Mom! Oh.....No it is not!

I was just walking along being a good kid and looked over at the store window and saw my Mom. I wasn't sure if I should say "Hi" or run. Old habits are hard to lose. I all of a sudden was that little girl that wasn't where she was supposed to be... You know how that is. I looked again and wait it's not my Mom or if it is she is wearing the same outfit as me. Wait! What is going on here? I keep looking and realize it is ME! Wow! When did that happen? 

This strange oddity also happens sometimes in voice. I will be saying something to one of the kids and all of a sudden think "Who said that?". My mom isn't visiting..We are not at Mom's. Hmm.... When did that happen?

I then realized that I (yes ME) have the most influence over my children. Is that why they are so weird? I guess so! Well sorry world  I have two daughters so there will be two more of me! Or maybe I should say sorry Honey since he has to live with us!
So...You know what they say as you get older you become your mom. Well for me that is true in two sense. Both personality and looks. We are about the same size and have about the same hair coloring (Well depends on the week lol).

Thank goodness I have an Awesome Mom whom has a heart of gold because I wouldn't want to be anyone else! So I am my Mom just with a stranger taste in everything! Love you Mom! Thank you for making me who I am!

This Crazy Life is mine and I love it!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bring Outside In!

It's that time of year especially if you live in TN… You never know what the weather will be like and allergies are horrible! My little’s love to be outside but when the weather or their allergies won’t allow us to play outside I simply bring the fun inside!

Why not? It can be cleaned up. They still get to enjoy their outside activities and I get the joy of watching their excitement. I mean I am going to have clean something up after them anyway.

When we have to bring outside in I just bring one outside toy in a day so that they concentrate on that item and enjoy themselves. Yesterday we had the water table in my kitchen. I simply laid out towels to soak up most of the water. The toys needed to be washed anyway so why not let them do it? They had a great time and I got to check something of my list!

This Crazy Life is mine and I love it!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2012 World Food Day

 World Food Day is annually held on October 16. It is utilized to raise public awareness regarding the world's hungry and malnourished people. Today is also used to encourage people to  take action and get involved in trying to combat hunger. Over 150 countries take part each year.

 I am going to use today to begin working with my children on taking a stand and trying to combat hunger. Every little bit helps. Even if we help one person that is one less person that is hungry. So if everyone just helps one person think of all the people that would have at least one more meal. When was the last time you didn't know where your next meal was coming from? Never? Well then was the last time you were hungry?

Food Banks all over are running out of food and having to tell people they can not help them. Even one bag or box of can goods could help them feed just one or two people. Join the fight and see what you can do to help.

Listed below are some activities and ideas for you and your children.

  1. Talk with your kids about world hunger and consider hosting a food drive for a local food bank in your community.  
  2. Make sandwiches and take to well know areas frequented by homeless people. You and your children could hand them out.
  3. Make a place mat by cutting out pictures of food from magazines. 
  4. Make noodle necklaces.
  5. Make a snack or dish from a different culture.
  6. Start an indoor garden. 
  7. Go through your pantry and collect can goods not being used or you could do without and take to your local food bank.

Locate your local food bank:  Click Here!

World Food Day Sites:

World Food Day USA

FAO- World Food Day Site

Earth Box- World Food Day

This Crazy Life is mine and I love it!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy National Grouch Day!

According to Sesame Street Magazine, Today is National Grouch Day! So go ahead Grouch it up! We will definitely be watching Elmo's Adventures in Grouchland Today!

This Crazy Life is mine and I love it!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

OMG I've become that Crazy Friend!

So when I was younger and only had the big kids I had this great friend whom we all thought was crazy! Was she nuts? She had older kids and little kids. Why would you do that to yourself? She was all over the place like a mad woman. Her house was not guest ready ever. She played hard with all her kids. She was never serious. She loved life to the fullest and did not care who was watching. She was a mess sometimes- well most of the time. She was an amazing person but wow was she something.

She laughed, she cried, she yelled, she was obnoxious, and she was a great mom! She tried anything and everything! She always had a huge cup of coffee. Her house was always full of people. You never knew what she was getting into. She lived life and didn't care what anyone thought. We all thought she was crazy....

So just recently I realized that I have become that crazy friend. My life, my house, and my kid count has become just like hers. So how many of my friends and family members look at me and say: " That's Stacey. She's crazy".

I would not turn back now! I love being this girl! I love not caring what people think. I love not worrying if my house is guest ready! I love playing with the kids and having a great time. I love being a mess. I love having a coffee iv drip lol! I love having a full house. I love having big kids and little kids! I am so glad I have turned out like my crazy friend. I now know what happy is!

So if you think I am crazy-  yes I am and I love it! You should join me! I wish I had joined Cathy (the crazy friend) along time ago!Thank you Cathy!

This Crazy Life is mine and I love it!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I think I have misplaced my College kid!

So one day last week I really thought my college kid (Alicia) was missing.... I checked Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram but she had no updates. For hours there was no activity on any of the social media sites so what's a Mom to do? PANIC of course....

I mean come on no updates from her and her close friends for hours. This hasn't happened in probably ever! Creeper well heck yes! It is the best way to keep tabs without keeping tabs. I can probably tell you what she eats, who she hangs out with, what homework she is not doing, and what she is doing by simply checking out her social media pages. Why would I not creep?

I really am not sure how my parents survived. I would leave the house and be gone for hours without them knowing where I was. I can't imagine not being able to call, text, or creep on my kids. I think I would be in a constant panic attack.

So I would like to say to Alicia and her friends: Keep the updates coming! Thank you! Love ya'll!