Wednesday, August 29, 2012

C'mon! Really Guys?

Created by Stacey Renee'
I guess it really doesn't matter how many years there are between children. As long as they are siblings they will fight. I mean there is at least 16 years and 13 years between the two big kids and the little kids. They still fight and try to irritate each other. Not one of them is innocent in this subject. Yes, even Maddie Grace picks fights.

There are times they will show off something new they just got for the sole purpose of getting another child to want the item only to not allow it... This then turns into Christian not willing to kiss or hug the offender which upsets the older children. Then here starts the 'Mom! Tell Christian to give me a kiss' or 'Mom! Why won't he give me a kiss'.  Wonder why...Hmmm... Did you just walk in with a big stuffed fish that looks like a worm version of Nemo and not allow him to play with it?

We have also had the occasion where one of the little's are in the car and fussing so a big kid will mock the little one. True mocking with the  whole fake crying and smacking the car seat routine as well. This of course irritates the little one to no end. C'mon Really Guys?

Of course the big kids that are only three years apart and the little's that are eighteen months apart argue. This is pretty normal stuff; however, to see an eighteen year old and a nine month old fight over keys is pretty amusing.

So it doesn't really matter how many years there are between your children they will still fight and fuss with each other. Siblings are siblings regardless I guess.

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